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Earby is a small town in the North of England. Traditionally a part of the great historic County of Yorkshire, as exemplified by the decorative white roses seen in many house windows, Earby now comprises part of the West Craven district of Lancashire. Thus the red rose is shown entwined with the white rose in, for example, the local paper.

Historically Earby when a village was little more than a scattering of farms and a few handloom weavers cottages.  It was part of Pennine England with its  sturdy independent Yeoman Farmers famous for their thrift and canny silence, making a precarious living mainly from sheep but also dairy cattle.


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What does the Council do?

These notes were put together by one of our Councillors to help the other Council members answer some of the questions that residents ask from time to time.

Earby Town Council - Lengths-man Vacancy

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated person to work on local services, projects, ground maintenance, allotments and other land/property management duties within Earby.

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