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Consultation on street lighting maintenance

Lancashire County Council are committed to providing the best services they can to the people of Lancashire, particularly to the most vulnerable in our communities. However the council's financial position remains extremely challenging, with a forecasted funding gap of £144m in 2021/22. Because of this, they still need to make some difficult decisions in order to make further savings. 

They are asking for your views on some proposed changes to the services we provide around street lighting. They have been replacing our street lights with LED lights that are expected to work more reliably for around twenty years. They will last much longer than the traditional lamps we previously installed across Lancashire. With these new LEDs being used across our county, they will not need to check and fix our lights as often.

Lancashire County Council currently carry out routine inspections when it's dark in every street where they are responsible for maintaining street lights, illuminated signs and/or bollards. They try to visit once every fortnight between October and March and then every month for the rest of the year. As well as the reports currently received from the night inspections, they also receive information from members of the public who notify them through our Customer Access Service, the online 'Report It!!' tool and other sources. 

Having taken all of this into account, they are proposing to stop carrying out the night-time inspections. They are also proposing to start carrying out our testing of street lights and illuminated signs on a 10-year cycle rather than every five years.

As well as the routine testing, they would still be carrying out maintenance, as and when faults are reported and would continue to aim to respond to initial reports of faults within five days as they do now. 

They know that many people value the services provided by our street lighting team and this is why they value your input with this consultation to help them better understand the effect of these proposed changes on the people of Lancashire. 

You can send your views by completing the online questionnaire at

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The eight week consultation runs from Monday 23 April to Sunday 17 June 2018.

Thank you for your time.