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Local Flood Wardens Required

The Environment Agency require flood wardens in our area.

Earby Flood Warden – Role and Expectation

Flood wardens would be requested to sign up to the Environment Agency flood warning system  -

You’ll need to provide an address, a phone number that you can be contacted on day and night and an email address.

Signing up will mean regularly checking emails as flood alerts/warnings would initially be communicated via email.

Choosing to become a flood warden will require a level of awareness, observational skills and vigilance in terms of watching and understanding the local weather.

You’d be expected –

  • to have regular communication with other wardens and residents
  • to be able to collectively and individually make decisions about when to deploy the temporary flood barriers
  • to be able to advise people when arranging deployment
  • to preach self-preparedness – making people area of where resources can be accessed (flood barriers, pumps etc)

The Environment Agency will provide training which would include a trip over to their Control Centre in Leeds, which they can organise the travel for.

For further information please email