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Objecting to Planning Applications

Earby Town Council (ETC) and several Councillors have recently received complaints about a planning matter.
The Town Council is not the place to be sending these as they are proper to the Borough Council. All comments on any planning issue should be sent to the planning department at Pendle Borough Council (PBC) in writing or via email at:

ETC discusses all planning applications under the area it covers and if it has any comment/objection to make on an item then this is sent via email to the address above. The council objecting only counts as a single comment just as we are treated as an individual. Two residents from the same address objecting counts as two. Therefore two people objecting from an address carries twice the weight as ETC`s single objection. Whilst a petition can show the strength of feeling about an application it is better to make individual objections to a planning application as these carry more weight.

In summary

  • Earby Town Council objections count as a single objection just like any resident;
  • Residents should make an individual objection rather than group objections as individual objections carry more weight;
  • ETC do not deal with planning objections and these are proper to PBC planning department which can be contacted via email at: