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Soak it Up project with Yorkshire Water

This summer, Yorkshire Water will be working with local communities and schools by running educational workshops to encourage residents to think about how small actions can contribute towards the removal of flooding.

They want to introduce this scheme as part of their soak it up campaign promoting the implementation of sustainable drainage systems, kicking off with their workshop at Earby community centre advertised on the poster below.

They'd love to work with your ideas to develop a plan to introduce SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) into Earby community centre grounds and they'll be organising a follow up volunteer day to install the solutions.

They’re partnered with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on this campaign who will be helping with the workshops and also the design and implementing of the SuDS installations.

This is a great new project for Yorkshire Water which should be really exciting for our local community, not to mention beneficial for the environment too, so please get involved if you can!

Sign up details are below for the workshop session…hope to see you there!

Visit for more info.