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Vacancies on Council

There are still vacancies to be filled on council.  Whilst council has received a very limited number of applications it would like as many as possible to consider and from as wider spectrum as it can.   Given the highly active use of social media in the town and immediate area there must be residents who would wish to influence what happens in the town, or are you one of the many content to complain about actions taken by those who are prepared to make the tough decisions. Which type of resident are you? This really is a chance to have a huge influence on how and what things are done in Earby, particularly given the assets and services that Pendle Borough Council no longer can or are prepared to fund. The last Monday in the month is usually the meeting date.  So come on make a change, do dont just moan become a council member and then in time you can look at things in your town and say "I helped do that".  Contact the Clerk on or write to the Clerk at The Parish Rooms, Victoria Rd. Earby, BB18 6US before the next meeting of council on 25th April 2016.