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Christmas Period - Weather Warning

After a joint effort by Earby Flood Group and Earby Town Council the sandbag store on Cemetery Road has been replenished.
Anyone in need of sandbags can get them, tomorrow only, by contacting Councillor M Horsfield, who is also a member of the flood group.
Please note he will not be delivering them, you will have to collect them.

Warning from Lancashire Police

Warnings are being issued by Lancashire Police about a seasonal increase in crime, particularly opportunistic (sneaky) ones.

I provide a link for the national site and if you click on Lancashire you can sign up for alerts on all sorts of crime and other Police business.

Flooding Problems

Earby Town Councillors have been busy today helping Earby Flood Group in its efforts to deal with the critical situation the Town has found itself in. The incessant rain has put many residents and their properties at real risk of flooding hence and, no pun intended, it was all hands to the pumps, or sandbags!

Damaged Christmas Trees - Update

The trees damaged during the recent storms should all be repaired and back in place this coming weekend.

Well done to our Chairman Chris Tennant who has spent his days off reassembling the trees and making new and stonger brackets for them.

Christmas Trees

Dear all, if anyone notices any damage to any of the Christmas Trees in the wall brackets please let Earby Town Council know on:

01282 844965 or

Many thanks.

Christmas Decorations

Several of the decorative Christmas Trees have been damaged by the recent high winds and storms. These have been taken down, where they had not already blown down, and Councillors Tennant and Horsfield are making repairs, where possible. The trees will be back in place as soon as they are ready.

Its Christmas! - Well Almost

The town took a big step forward today in preparing for the festive season. The trees and lights were put up into the brackets and they look good. They are bigger trees and lights and at 5ft show very well. The new lights in the trees on the bus station along with the welcome to Earby sign were also switched on and all in all it looks festive indeed.

Flood Alert

A flood alert has just been issued by Lancashire County Council for Earby Beck.