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The weekly parish surgeries will recommence on Friday 1st September at the Parish Rooms, Victoria Road from 10.30am to 12 noon, Vice Chairman Vera Cocker will be in attendance, please feel free to pop in and raise any Earby issues.

Accounts for the Year Ending 31st March 2017

The accounts for this year are now available for public inspection with the period commencing on Wednesday 28th June and ending on Tuesday 8th August. The required documentation can be found under the "Finance" section of this website; the "Accounting Statements" for 2016/17 is unaudited and subject to change, by BDO LLP who are the Councils external auditors.

Earby Youth Hostel

News about the Hostel and its future. Due to the YHA not renewing leases on many of the more historical buildings then, after much discussion between Pendle Borough Council, Earby Town Council, Friends of Earby YH and others, Earby TC is taking over the running of the hostel.

Pendle Borough Council - Selling off Earby!!

This will go in front of Pendle Borough Councils Executive this Thursday evening!

In short 3 parcels of land are being proposed to be offered to the market for development. That is for sale to the highest bidder for building on. These are all greenfield sites. There are two large brownfield sites available for development. These 3 sites are:

Earby Flood Alert

Subject: A Flood Alert has been issued for the Earby Beck and Glusburn Beck Catchments.

A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for the Earby Beck and Glusburn Beck Catchments.

Flooding is possible for Earby Beck and New Cut from Kelbrook to Broughton and Glusburn Beck in Cross Hills and Sutton-in-Craven  .

A Reminder - A Meeting about Flooding Concerns and New Wardens

A meeting for anyone who holds concerns about the continued threat of flooding in Earby. To be held at New Road Community Centre, Friday 25th November at 7.00pm.  All are welcome and wardens are very much needed. Floods have hit the town very badly twice in the last eleven months.