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Pendle Borough Council - Selling off Earby!!

This will go in front of Pendle Borough Councils Executive this Thursday evening!

In short 3 parcels of land are being proposed to be offered to the market for development. That is for sale to the highest bidder for building on. These are all greenfield sites. There are two large brownfield sites available for development. These 3 sites are:

Earby Flood Alert

Subject: A Flood Alert has been issued for the Earby Beck and Glusburn Beck Catchments.

A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for the Earby Beck and Glusburn Beck Catchments.

Flooding is possible for Earby Beck and New Cut from Kelbrook to Broughton and Glusburn Beck in Cross Hills and Sutton-in-Craven  .

A Reminder - A Meeting about Flooding Concerns and New Wardens

A meeting for anyone who holds concerns about the continued threat of flooding in Earby. To be held at New Road Community Centre, Friday 25th November at 7.00pm.  All are welcome and wardens are very much needed. Floods have hit the town very badly twice in the last eleven months.

Council Meeting

Full Council meeting at 7.30pm Monday 31st October 2016 at:

The Parish Rooms, Victoria Road, Earby.

All are welcome.

Sough Park - Carnegie Fields in Trust, an explanation


Carnegie Playing Fields

The name Andrew Carnegie is synonymous with charitable foundations. Carnegie Hall in New York is probably the most famous institution associated the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, the building being funded by him. Nearer home, the building of Skipton library benefited from funding from the Carnegie Foundation.

Council Vacancy

A final reminder that applications should be submitted by 5.00pm on Monday 26th September 2016. Applications need only be a short pen picture of you. All applications will be studied and a ballot held at the up coming meeting of full council. This is a great opportunity to take part in the decision making process of the running of the town, so come on get involved!

Public Toilets - Earby

The single remaining working public convenience in Earby has suffered concerted attacks over Friday and Saturday. In two incidents toilet roll holders have been torn from the wall. changing mats for babys broken, toilets blocked with toilet paper and toilet paper wrapped around lamposts along with other damage.